Cultural Research Education Design

Karl Winda Telfer and Gavin Malone founded CRED in 2012 to provide bi-cultural cultural research, education and design services.

CRED provides Karl and Gavin with a platform from which to contribute to and promote a bi-cultural understanding and sense of place, where Aboriginal culture is given equity with the incoming European culture in public space governance and design processes.

Cultural education, both formal and informal, is critical to help the two cultural traditions come together and provide equity for all and reciprocity to Aboriginal peoples.

Cultural research is equally critical to develop the understanding of a Kaurna cultural landscape or an Aboriginal sense of place to inform a range of governance, education and place making outcomes.

The Collaboration

The collaboration between Karl and Gavin combines extensive bi-cultural experience in cultural research, education and design. They have an intimate knowledge of Aboriginal cultures, as well as extensive experience in cultural mapping and cultural presentation, public space art and design, and public space masterplanning.

The collaboration brings together a diverse range of skills and experience appropriate to Kaurna and other cultural recognition. As individuals Karl and Gavin offer expertise in many different areas; in collaboration they bring together extensive local, national and international experience and expertise in Aboriginal cultures, cultural geography, conceptual thinking and design resolution.

Karl and Gavin have a long term involvement in Aboriginal cultural recognition and renewal. They have worked together on Aboriginal cultural and spiritual renewal, cultural research and cultural presentation for over a decade. Their combined skills offer a unique dynamic and creative way of collaborating which embraces diverse ways of resolving the challenges of contemporary Aboriginal cultural recognition and presentation, particularly in an urban environment.