E – Education & Cultural Awareness

Karl and Gavin present public and University lectures, give presentations on a living Kaurna Meyunna cultural landscape Kaurna Palti Meyunna Yerta, represent culture in various forums and take field trips on a Kaurna cultural landscape in the Adelaide region.
The lectures and presentations outline traditional culture, colonisation and dislocation, contemporary cultural and spiritual renewal, the changes to the Kaurna Meyunna cultural landscape, and the potential for the emergence of a bi-cultural place.

Community and Professional Activities
2014 Profiled Cultural Practitioners Adelaide: A Global Smart City National Geographic global cities documentary series
2013 Speakers, Adelaide: A Living Kaurna Cultural Landscape Talking History Series, University of South Australia and History SA
2012 Invited Witnesses, Urban Density Inquiry, Environment, Resources and Development Committee, Parliament of South Australia

Presentations: Kaurna Meyunna Cultural Landscape
2014 City of Playford
2014 City of Holdfast Bay
2014 SA Educators

Tertiary Teaching
University of Adelaide
2012-14  Guest Lecture, School of Architecture and Built Environment

University of South Australia
2014  Guest Lecture Master of Social Work – Human Rights and Community Development
2009-14  Guest Lecture School of Management
2008-12  Guest Lecture School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
2010  Field Trip ‘An Aboriginal Adelaide’ School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Flinders University
2013  Guest Lecture School of Social and Policy Studies

Responses to the presentations by host lecturers include:
Many thanks again for your time and frank insights shared with students on Monday and for your generosity in opening up tricky but fundamental issues and questions for them to consider. … Having people speak who have engaging, honest and hopeful experiences with this is wonderful.
I just wanted to thank you both for what was possibly the best lecture I have heard from anyone in all my years at university. Thank you both very much. The students have learned from it and are making some powerful connections in our sessions together.

University of Calgary, Canada
2012-14 Design Build Studio: Wodli ngundarta–What’s behind a House, Faculty of Environmental Design

In 2011 Gavin and Karl presented guest lectures to the students of the Adelaide based Master of Architecture Summer Studio, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Canada. At the University’s request they then designed, and present, an intensive five week Design Build  Studio Wodli ngundarta–What’s behind a House on a bi-cultural architecture. The Studio comprises extensive cultural education through field trips, lectures and cultural experiences; the collaborative design of a structure; the sourcing of materials and the building of the structure. The Studio, held in March, is based at the Aldinga Arts Eco Village.

Responses to the Wodli ngundarta Studio by students include:
I will be flying back to Canada on Thursday. I am very sad to leave, as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I just wanted to let you know that the time I spent in South Australia was definitely the highlight for me … I felt the time spent around Adelaide and Aldinga was an extremely valuable part of the degree. Your generosity and dedication was inspiring, and I wanted to thank you both again for providing us with such an incredible experience.

This course takes learning beyond the realm of the classroom into a much more comprehensive experience. In a short time, these experiences have hit home, on a deeper and more meaningful level, the importance of cultural sensitivity to site, material selection and architectural expression.

The course has been the highlight of my Masters degree. What a way to finish.

A time lapse photo record of the 2012 Studio is available below.
A website for the 2014 Studio has been established by the students.

Ngatto ninna turko yellara aityo wodlingga ninna wandetitya

Wodli ngundarta The Outcome 2014 (CRED)

Wodli ngundarta – The Outcome, 2014 (for more images see student website)

Wodli ngundarta Handover to Village, 2014 (CRED)

Wodli ngundarta – Handover to Village, 2014

Wodli ngundarta The Critique 2014 (CRED)

Wodli ngundarta – The Critique, 2014

Wodli ngundarta Site Discussions, 2014 (CRED)

Wodli ngundarta – Site Discussions, 2014

Wodli  ngundarta, concept presentation 2014, CRED

Wodli ngundarta – Presentation and ‘human scaling’ of design concept, AAEV, 2014

Wodli  ngundarta field trip, Anacotilla River 2014

Wodli  ngundarta – Field trip, Anacotilla River, 2014

Wodli  ngundartaThe Outcome, 2013

Wodli ngundarta – The Outcome, 2013

Wodli  ngundarta The Citique, 2013

Wodli ngundarta – The Critique, 2013

Wodli  ngundarta, The Dedication Fire 2013

Wodli ngundarta – The Dedication Fire, 2013

Wodli ngundarta time lapse documentation, 2013 (17 min)

Wodli  ngundarta field trip Aldinga Beach 2013

Wodli ngundarta – Field trip, Aldinga Beach, 2013

Wodli  ngundarta field trip, Karrawirraparri, 2013

Wodli ngundarta  – Field trip, Karrawirraparri/River Torrens, 2013

Wodli  ngundarta field trip,Barukungga, 2013

Wodli ngundarta – Field trip, Barrukungga, 2013

Wodli ngundarta  The Outcome 2012

Wodli ngundarta – The Outcome, 2012

Wodli ngundarta  The Critique 2012

Wodli ngundarta – The Critique, 2012

Wodli ngundarta time lapse documentation, 2012 (2 min)

Wodli  ngundarta Orientation 2012

Wodli ngundarta – Orientation, Aldinga Scrub, 2012

Wodli  ngundarta Second Valley 2012

Wodli ngundarta – Field trip, Second Valley, 2012

Wodli  ngundarta Warriparinga 2012

Wodli ngundarta – Field trip, Warriparinga,with Georgina Williams, Nangke burka, 2012

Public Lectures
2013  An Aboriginal Adelaide Cultural Landscape
Talking History, History SA & University of South Australia

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